Best Alexa Compatible Video Doorbells

Having a smart device at home means that one is technically advanced and up to date in technology. Using Alexa compatible doorbells for a smarter home is a wise choice to make. Let us now look into some of the best Alexa compatible video doorbells.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 (Price: $85.22)

Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a very good looking video doorbell designed for security purpose. It has 2-way talk feature and hence one could talk to the person at the door. This doorbell has a   camera that can automatically record visitors visiting your home. The field of view of the Ring video doorbell 2 is 160 degrees. It is water resistant and works on temperature of -20.5°C to 48.5°C. This doorbell battery will last between six months and a year. The battery is removable, and you will use it only if your Ring Video Doorbell 2 works wirelessly. It is charged via present micro-USB port.

Alexa features include

  • see and speak to people in front of the camera from ones Echo devices
  • see and stop your Ring feed
  • view your most recent video clip on Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Doorbell Pro (Price: $189.99)

Ring doorbell pro is a lot slimmer model than the Ring Video Doorbell 2. It is more elegant and better looking with a 1080p camera resolution. Ring Doorbell Pro has an excellent image quality. It also offers a 160- x 100-degree field of view, which covers all the entryways very well. 2-way audio is possible via Smartphone app on both iOS and Android. If you choose, you can connect it to your existing chime or use a wireless ring or mobile app, too. This doorbell makes great videos during the day as well as at night. Video processing is extremely good. It also has high-quality video as well as the same quality audio.

Alexa features include

  • Get a live video feed.
  • Stop the live feed

The Nest Hello (Price: $229.99)

The Nest Hello is a neat choice if you have Nest Secure and a Nest x Yale smart lock. It has got high-end features like facial recognition, pre-recorded audio responses and a full video streaming feed. It is probably the best designed smart doorbell. This doorbell looks good and it is built to last. The doorbell is hardwired and it runs smoothly on installation. Facial recognition system will notify you who is at the door and as the time goes by, some faces that appear more frequently will also be memorized by the camera. The resolution of the video from the Nest Hello is 1600 x 1200 at up to 30 fps. With the HDR system, the footage is high quality. The image quality of this doorbell is brilliant when someone is standing still in front of your door waiting for you to answer.

Alexa features include

  • It will allow you to see a live feed of your Nest Hello doorbell.
  • It has a great option to pull up your doorbell feed in a second.

August doorbell cam (Price: $89.99)

August doorbell cam works well with other August smart devices, the installation for this hardwired doorbell is not tricky, and instruction is straightforward. With the 120-degrees field of view of camera covers your doorstep but it will cover not the entire front of your house. The August doorbell camera is a good performer, with all the features that a smart doorbell must have.

Vuebell Doorbell Camera (Price: $195.00)

This Alexa enabled doorbell is reasonably priced option for having a smart video doorbell. It has all the features you need from the video recording, 2-way audio communication and a motion detector. With 720p resolution the face of the person who stands within 2 feet in front of the camera is very recognizable. Since it has a wide angle lens, a fish-eye effect is expected, but the image quality is excellent.