How to Connect LG Smart TV to WiFi (with/without Remote)

Connect LG Smart TV to WiFi (with/without Remote)

Congratulations on getting your New LG Smart TV! Smart Things are not of any use without a WiFi connection. So along with a smart device there is the necessity of a wireless Router with high speed of internet connection. Now moving toward the steps of how you can connect your newly LG Smart TV to Wifi. Here we are going to show you the connection established with and without a TV remote.

Steps to connect LG Smart TV to WiFi with Remote:

Step 1: At the very first you have to power on the Smart TV and wireless router.

Step 2: Press the “Smart” button on your TV’s remote

Step3: After that press the “Settings” button located at the top right of your LG TV’s screen

Step 4: Cone down to the “Network” options on the left side of the screen. Click on that to open network list

Step 5: Now, if you or any of your family members wants to give a special name to your LG smart TV then you can do it now. For that you can see “TV Name” option, parallel to that there is a text box in which you can name your Smart TV

Step 6: Once done, kindly click on Wi-Fi Connection

Step 7: Now you will see all the networks available in your TV’s connection range. You just have to choose your Wi- Fi connection

Step 8: You have to enter a WiFi password. Make sure you are entering the right password

Note: Wifi password are case sensitive

Step 9: Once entered you may check by clicking on the “show password” option. Which will let you cross check. You can also make a note of password or click a photo of that so that you can check when you forgot the password or it’ll be easier to share with family members.

Step 10: Now click on the “ connect” button and all done. You have successfully connected your LG smart TV to Wifi with the help of remote.

How to Connect LG smart TV to Wi-Fi without Remote?

As we know it’s not easy to operate A TV without a remote. Which means you may not connect your LG smart TV to Wifi without a remote controller. So, we are here to fix this type of issue if you are facing. In this guide all you need is a mouse which helps you in connecting your LG smart TV to WiFi.

Before moving to the steps you need to check the compatibility of the mouse with your LG smart TVs. As not all smart TVs support all types of external devices. According to LG TV’s Digital user guide we are showing you the list of mouse which are compatible to smart TV:




> LG Electronics MKS-1200

Steps to Connect LG Smart TV to WiFi without Remote:Step 1: Connect the compatible mouse through USB port on your LG smart TV

Step 2: Now Click on the “physical button” on your Smart TV. You’ll see three options, input will be one of them

Step 3: Click on the input and move forward

Step 4: Next window will come over, where you’ll get different options to select

Step 4: Among that options click on “Live TV” options

Step 5: Next, you have to move a pointer of the mouse to the right side in a way to show menu. Under the menu, there is “recommended” icon which located inside the channel icon

Step 6: A message will display “you are not connected”. Along with this message you have an option of network configuration. Follow the instructions given on the TV’s screen

Step 7: Another window will open with an option to “Setup your network connection” This window is called network setting window

Step 8: Here you may see your “Router SSID”. Now Click on that and enter the correct password of your active internet

Step 9: At last, all you need to do is to save all the things after configuration steps are completed.

Hopefully your LG Smart TV is connected to WiFi without a Remote Controller.