LG Smart TV Not Connecting to WiFi

LG Smart TV WiFi issue fixed

Are you facing issues while connecting LG Smart TV to Wi-Fi connection? Sometimes your LG TV keeps dropping wifi because of some technical issues. Or if you have the preference of connecting automatically then also you’re getting messages like your LG Smart TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi automatically. So, in these cases we are here to guide you how you can troubleshoot LG TV Wi-Fi Issues/Problems. Without wasting any time let’s get started:

Before starting the troubleshooting steps make sure you restart all devices that are connected to LG SMART TV and Wi-Fi Router. And one more thing apply these steps only when all other devices like smartphones and laptops are connecting to Wi-Fi but LG TV is unable to connect to Wi-Fi. Now follow these below steps.

Troubleshooting Steps for LG smart TV won’t connect to WiFi

Step 1: At the very first you need to turn OFF your TV’s Quick Start Feature. For this you need to press “setting” on your LG Smart Remote.

> Go to Settings

> then General

> Under General you will find “QuickStart”

>Turn that OFF

Step 2: Now in the second step you need to power OFF your TV.

> Switch off the power of LG TV

>Also unplug it

>Then, press and hold the “power button” for at least 30 seconds

Step 3: Power ON your TV

> Now plug in the TV

>Press the power ON

> Now try to connect to current Wi-Fi network of your smart home

Follow this: How to connect LG Smart TV to Wi-Fi

Still your LG smart Tv not connecting to the Internet then it might be some other issue.

How to fix LG TV Wifi Connections Issues/Problems

If your LG TV keeps dropping Wi-Fi then we strongly recommend you to place your Wi-Fi router nearest to your LG smart TV’s location. If you have already placed near to then connect your wifi router to LG smart TV with an Ethernet Cable.

What you need to do When your network doesn’t show in the wifi network list on your TV? Or when your LG TV says Wifi is off.

In this case make sure that your wireless router is ON. Hope you have connected your LG smart TV to Wifi router using Ethernet cable. Now, restart your Wireless router and LG smart TV.

Sometimes you may also enter the wrong password and you’re worried Why my LG TV won’t connect to Wifi? So you need to recheck your Wifi password. Or you can forget once and connect again with the correct password. If then also getting problems check the internet connection on your mobile device with the same password. Still not getting, then it’s time to contact your internet service provider.

Hope you find a solution of Why LG smart TV is not connecting to wifi. And also troubleshooting guide to LG TV wifi issues and problems.