How to Connect Furbo Dog Camera To Wi-Fi

How to Connect Furbo To Wi-Fi


Furbo is a well-known device. It is mainly maintained by those who have dogs in their house. So, if you are a dog owner then you must possess Furbo. Let us look at how we can connect Furbo to wi-fi.

Follow the steps and you will get to know about the connecting of Furbo to wi-fi.

  • First, you need to confirm that the new location of your Furbo has a good Wifi connection and that your cellular phone can also use Wifi. A good connection is a basic necessity.
  • Now, you have to place your smartphone or a tablet near the Furbo.
  • It is the important step, you have to open up your Furbo app.
  • In the Settings menu, click on the following option, reset to your Wi-Fi option, and follow the onscreen instructions.

How can you change your home Wi-Fi network on Furbo?

If you have altered your WiFi network settings, or have moved Furbo to another location and it requires to connect to a new WiFi network, all you need to do is to reconnect your Furbo to the WiFi network from your Furbo app. Follow the steps and get to know the steps.

  • You need to Plug your Furbo in. You will see a purple status light.
  • Now, on your Furbo’s home screen, tap the “MENU button (☰) on the bottom right.
  • Chose the Furbo Camera you need to reset.
  • Now, you have to tap “Reset Wi-Fi”. At this point, your Furbo Dog Camera will try to re-setup.
  • Tap the button below to go directly to the Reset WiFi settings on your Furbo app.

 Reset WiFi

  • When asked if your Furbo Dog Camera turned green, please tap “Yes”. Then, make sure to enable your phone’s Bluetooth.
  • Once your Furbo and your phone established a connection via Bluetooth, select the Wi-Fi network that you wish to use, then, enter your WiFi password. Furbo should reconnect to the WiFi network.


We have discussed all the relevant points of the Furbo and its wifi connection. We expect that you have got an idea regarding it.