How to play Netflix on Google Home

Google Home is making our life easier than ever with a virtual voice assistant “Google Assistant” which lets you access smart gadgets just with your voice. Google Home along with playing music also enables to play shows and movies on Google Home devices. When the Google Home devices were launched, it was easier to play YouTube videos. But the thing is YouTube doesn’t let you play your favourite shows, movies or any series. So for that Google Home has given another option to link several video apps to your Google Home. As, Netflix is on top of the user demands which offers TV shows, movies, videos to watch. In a way to play Netflix on Google Home devices you need to link your Netflix account to Google Home App.

Steps to Connect Netflix to Google Home

Before starting with the guide you will be requiring few things that are Google Home Device and Chromecast. Both device should be connected the same Wi-Fi network. Google Home App should be updated one. Now, follow the below steps:

  • Open Google Home App
  • Go to “Devices” -> “Home” ->”Settings” ->”More Settings” -> “Video and Photos
  • Tap on menu and select “Netflix
  • Then click on “link” and enter credentials to connect Netflix with Google Home

Once the Netflix gets connected with Google Home, you can stream your favorite shows on your device. You can say:  “Hey Google, play Game of Thrones on TV”

As with this commands Google Assistant may get confused to play with Netflix or YouTube. Then in that case you need to say different commands to play Netflix video on TV. Command is “Hey Google, play Game of Thrones on Netflix on TV”

You can even control Netflix with your voice on Google Home, Mini or Max devices. Just need to say some commands:

  • ‘Play Movie’
  • ‘Pause Video’
  • ‘Next episode of Avengers’
  • ‘Rewind two minutes’
  • ‘Volume up to 5’
  • ‘Volume down to 2’

Unlink Netflix from Google Home

Somehow, if you want to unlink Netflix from Google Home then you can do it anytime. Follow the below steps in a way to unlink Netflix account from Google Home devices.

  • First, open Google Home App on your mobile device
  • Then move to “Devices” -> “Home” – > “Settings” -> “More Settings” -> Videos and Photos
  • Below Netflix Tab you will see “Unlink” options. Click on that and follow the on-screen instruction.