Garmin Fenix 3 Smartwatch

It’s almost a predetermined conclusion that every time Garmin engineers launch a new technology the improvisation is peerless.  The company, The Garmin, known for being top-notch manufacturer of the line GPS technology that we have seen in so many different fields. It has recently added Garmin Fenix 3 to its collection of smart watches and without a doubt, it is one of the brilliant watches produced by Garmin.

The fenix 3 sports the combined functionality of all of Germin’s specialty running, fitness, and swimming watches. The latest version has improved in many ways though the look has remained the same.  It claims a slightly larger wrist point, but also gets skinnier and lighter. The 1.2 – inch diameter has not grown, however now it features a chroma color screen with nearby 10 times as many pixels. The fenix 3 smart watch is waterproof which makes if perfectly safe to wear while snorkeling or just swimming down to the drain in the deep end of the pool.

Garmin’s Fenix 3 is a smartwatch, fitness band and GPS watch all in 1

The Fenix 3 sneaks in a long list of features — many of which have never been seen together in one Garmin watch before. In addition to the usual GPS, barometer, and compass, the Fenix offers smart notifications, counts steps, logs calories burned, and records sleep just like Garmin’s VivoFit and Vívosmart fitness trackers. It can upload data to the Garmin Connect website via Wi-Fi (without a computer), and download apps from Garmin’s Connect IQ Store via a compatible smartphone. It may be large, but there is very little that this watch can’t do.

Smart use of Smart watch:

  • A boon for the sports lover:

The expanded list of supported activities now includes: XC skiing, ski/snowboarding, climbing, hiking, trail running, running, indoor running (non-GPS), biking, indoor biking, pool swimming, open-water swimming, and triathlon (formerly listed as Multisport). Because the watch is equipped with ANT+ (Garmin’s wireless communication protocol) it can connect to a wide variety of sensors from heart-rate monitors to foot pods, bicycle power sensors, and even external thermometers you can clip to a pack. These connected sensors (sold separately) add even more color to the activity-tracking data mix.


·        Smart notifications

·        Waterproof to 100 meters

·        IQ Store has apps

·        ANT+ and Wi-Fi compatible

·        The best in class battery life

·        Premium construction

·        Loaded with features

·        The best GPS in a watch

·        Great display

·        Only one alarm

·        Poor sleep tracking

·        Nearly all settings must be made on the watch.

·        Does not support on-watch maps

·        No golf activity tracker



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