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Multiroom music set up issue

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Multiroom music set up issue - my echo dots x6 all show in the list when trying to set up a group (atter inputting a group name) and all show as available, the problem i have is between 2 of the dots whereby on selecting echo 1 the echo 4 immediately shows as device unreachable,, the others remain available, if i select the echo 4 first then echo 1 shows as unreachable. all other dots are unaffected (ie, i can add 2,3,5&6 in any order either before, after or inbetween selecting echo 1 or 4 and it makes no difference). i have deregistered all devices and re registered as well as deleting the group several times and creating a new and still encountering the same problem. completely bamboozled and would appreciate any help? TIA

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