Apple Watch Edition

Most people over already drooling over Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch, when the tech giant Apple decided to surprise the audience with a more powerful smartwatch edition.

The new Apple watch has all the features of Apple Watch Series 3 plus two beautifully engineered ceramic finishes, which made the watch four times as hard as compared to stainless steel.

In short, Apple Watch Edition is an amazing gadget. It’s the dream of everyone who apart from features – also look for style and class.

Issues that you might face while using Apple Watch Edition?

Apple Watch Edition would have been one of the coolest gadgets in the world if it didn’t have any glitches.

Sadly it’s not free from error. There are a couple of issues that you might face while using the gadget, such as:

  • Error connecting to the Internet
  • Hearing damage
  • Battery draining issue
  • Inability to make calls, send or receive messages, and checkout notifications
  • Failing to synchronize data

Solution to all these problems is:

Contacting Apple Watch customer support.

Still there are a couple of things that you need to know first, such as:

  1. The Apple Watch has some complex circuitry. This means not everyone can fix the gadget. One needs to be certified expert for that. Given that, make sure that you have the gadget fixed at Apple’s authorized support centers only.

Also, having the gadget repaired anywhere other than Apple’s center will nullify its guarantee.

  1. Another thing you need to know is that all the apps and sensors in the Apple Watch Edition 3 are sensors, not medical devices. They’re never accurate. You shouldn’t rely on them completely.
  2. Make sure you don’t expose the gadget to radio frequency as doing so will malfunction it.
  3. Listen to the music on low sound levels. This will prevent your hearing from getting damaged and the sound quality from getting affected.
  4. No wear and tear or any other kind of physical damage will be fixed as Apple is liable for fixing technical issues only.
  5. No refund or repair of the Apple watch will be done if you claim is not proved to be valid.
  6. Make sure you keep Apple Watch Series 1 away from medical devices as the magnets present in the gadget might interfere with its working.

For more details, you can refer to this Apple Watch Edition user manual prepared by Apple itself. It has a lot of useful information. So, go ahead and check it out.

If the queries are still not resolved, you can contact Apple support. They’ll definitely help you out.

Reasons to choose Apple Watch Edition over other smartwatches?

Well, there ain’t one but many, such as:

  • Stunning Design

The alluring ceramic finish of Apple Watch Edition gives it an amazing finish. Its stylish looks make it a worthy accessory that can fit with any dress – be it a formal dress, gym wear, or casuals.

So, you wear it where you want, whenever you desire, and with whatever dress you’re wearing. It will suit with everything.

  • Scratch Resistant

Most smartwatches are prone to scratches and damage. Although, similar is not the case with Apple Watch Edition, which is made of ceramic, a material that’s very hard and scratch-resistant.

  • Easy to take messages and pick calls

Nothing is more annoying than carrying along smartphone along to the gym and picking calls and messages in the middle of the intense workout.

Apple Watch Edition can save you from this trouble as it lets you synchronize your calls and messages.

  • Keep complete track of your health

Apple Watch Edition has heart rate monitor, pedometer, and other sensors that can keep track of your workouts as well as health. As a result, the gadget ensures that you stay in the prime state of your fitness.

  • Share your activities with friends

Apple Watch Edition offers you the luxury of sharing your health stats and workout progress with friends. This way you can engage in a healthy competition and grow together.

Is there any other gadget that lets you have so much fun? I bet there ain’t any.

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